A bus service is available for the children attending ISP. As spaces are limited (each child must have a seat and a seat belt), parents are asked to inform the office well in advance of wishing to use this service. Please contact the office for more details.

Parents are asked to reinforce the bus regulations with their children to ensure safe travel:

  1. A seat belt must be worn at all times while on the bus
  2. Boisterous behavior is not permitted on the bus
  3. No food or drink should be eaten on the bus
  4. A parent or legal guardian must be present when your child(ren) is/are dropped off at home and must sign the school bus register at the time of drop off.
  5. If no one is present, your child(ren) will be returned to ISP and you will be responsible for picking up your child and paying any nanny fees that may apply.
  6. If you feel your child(ren) is/are responsible enough to be dropped off without a guardian present, you must sign the waiver form releasing ISP from any liability should anything happen to your child(ren) after drop off. The safety and well-being of your child(ren) is our highest priority. We appreciate your assistance and support that they remain safe at all times.

Current Bus Service Area & Rates

RawaiTHB 2,000 / mo.THB 3,000 / mo.
Chalong up to Tesco Lotus ChalongTHB 2,000 / mo.THB 3,000 / mo.
Chalong up to Kwang RoadTHB 2,500 / mo.THB 4,000/ mo.
Nai HarnTHB 2,500 / mo.THB 4,000 / mo.
Daily RateTHB 300THB 600

Bus services are charged in advance per month and are non-refundable.

If you wish to use our bus services on an occasional basis, please:

  1. Contact the office for availability and daily rate
  2. Fill in the “Bus Service” form
  3. Pay bus fees
  4. Arrange the time to show our driver your house in advance

Please note that we take extra care to make our bus services as comfortable for you as possible. Our door-to-door service is the best way for children to come to and from school other then in their parent’s car. However it is sometimes very difficult for our staff to find a specific house in Phuket. That is, why we ask you, to show us where you live before you can use our bus service.

Bus seats are limited. If you did not book it for the month in advance we will not be able to provide the bus service on a one-time basis.

Please also note that sometimes it will take up to 40 minutes for children to reach home depending on traffic, house location and bus route.

Please let us know ahead if your child does not need to be picked up or dropped off.

Kindly ensure that your child is ready when the bus arrives. You can get the estimated time of arrival from the office.

We do allow children to use electronic devices such as iPads while on the bus, however, the school is not responsible for any loss or damage to such devices.