At the end of each term, Kindergarten children will receive a Progress Report covering the Areas of Development associated with the EYFS Curriculum, and feedback from their class teacher. We also hold teacher conference days where parents can take a look at their child’s Learning Journal and discuss their child’s progress with the class teacher.

Observation and assessment, is the leading way in which, your child’s teacher is able to monitor their progress in the classroom. Regular one-to-one time with your child is also scheduled in to their routine to enable the teacher to assess your child’s progress on a more personal level.

By referring to the EYFS Framework, teachers are able to observer and plan to suit the individual needs of your child, supporting them through learning.

Progress Reports are prepared at the end of each term, covering the areas of development associated with the EYFS Framework. This will highlight all strengths and weaknesses of the child and gives parents a clear insight into their child’s development.

Parents are invited to join Teacher Conference appointments, to discuss their child’s progress in more detail and have access to Learning Journals and Development Records.