At ISP, we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Framework, which is the curriculum used across Britain, for children aged 0-5 years old.  The EYFS promotes an active learning approach to teaching, which emphasizes  “children learn best through doing”.

We have adapted the curriculum to suit the needs of our international children, whilst still following the main principles . We aim to provide a challenging and stimulating environment by planning daily tasks and activities which support the needs and abilities of our individual students.

By regularly observing each child, we are able to track their progress and plan accordingly.

All observations and evidence is gathered in a personalized Learning Journal, which will stay with the child throughout the academic year.

Alongside observations, we also complete a progress check when the child turns two years old. Often, if we have any concerns for a child’s development, it will be highlighted here, and we can make plans to support the child further.

Each child also has a Development Record, which is updated every 6 weeks. From this, teachers are able to monitor a child’s progress and can easily pinpoint the child’s weak areas.

The Development Record will stay with the child until the end of Year 1. This gives each new teacher an insight into the child’s development and enables them to continue to plan appropriately to support the child’s individual needs.